The Guys Gaming 👾 🔫

Minecraft information and more!


Minecraft - available mostly for historic purposes now. Some of it may be reimplented later if something gets arranged.

Dota 2 - contains a 'Leaderboard of Losses'. An example of pulling statistics from OpenDota and displaying them in plain text, prettied up with some font.

Mumble - Browser client for The Guys Gaming Mumble voice server. Go here if you don't want to install a Mumble client.

3D - A 3D model that loads in browser. Load it on a phone for AR!

Horror Movie Bingo - Web implementation of a bingo game based on spotting horror movie tropes during playback. The tropes were hastily extracted from tvtropes, no fancy auto-updating.

Stream - browser player for a video stream. My desktop automatically starts streaming to the player but it can be changed to accept external incoming streams.

Credits - A list of everything holding this all together.